Mojito Magic


Mojito--Muddle fresh mint in shaker; add 1 oz. JABnow Organic Lemon Lime cocktail mixer, 3 oz. water, 2 oz. rum, ice.  Top with club soda.  Makes 1 cocktail.  Garnish with fresh mint and lime wheels.  Makes 1 cocktail.

For fruit, herb and spice variations to the Mojito follow our ideas at Margaritas

Pitchers of Mojitos are a welcome sight.  Just muddle some fresh mint in the bottom of a pitcher.  Pour in a full bottle of JABnow Lemon Lime; 24 oz. water, 16 oz. rum, ice.  Pour over ice in tall glasses; top with club soda and garnish with mint and limes.  

Experiment with different types of rums in your mojitos.  It makes a big difference.  Cachaca rum has a distinct sugar cane flavor and is great in a Mojito.  You can even mix flavored rums with our drink mixers like mango, coconut (Cojito), strawberry and others you can find.  

Spice Ginger Mojito-- Ginger is a great flavor for a Mojito.  Use spiced rum and top with ginger ale instead of club soda.