Mai Tai


Mai Tai cocktails are delicious and oh so tropical, but they always seem to be a bit complicated.  With JABnow mixers we've simplified them quite a bit and you can simplify them even more with our tips below if you like.  Bring on the Mai Tai drinks!

Mai Tai—Shake 1 oz. JABnow Organic Lemon Lime drink mixer, 3 oz. water, 1.5 oz. light rum, 3 oz. each orange and pineapple juice, .75 oz. almond (Orgeat syrup), splash each of dark rum and Bacardi 151 rum (optional), ice.

You can add guava juice too if you have it or substitute it for the orange juice for a very authentic cocktail. Garnish with tropical fruits, umbrellas lemon and lime wheels.

To simplify you can use just one type of rum if you like, but the Orgeat (almond) syrup is important.  You can get this on Amazon and also the guava juice to make it easier--no running around.

Pitchers of Mai Tai's are amazing and will delight your family and friends.  Just mix an entire bottle of JABnow Organic Lemon Lime drink mixer, 24 oz. of water, 12 oz. of light rum, 24 oz. each pineapple and orange/guava juice, 6 oz. Orgeat syrup, and big splashes of the dark rum if using in a large pitcher. Pour in glasses over ice and garnish.