Hot Spiced Wine


Hot Spiced Wine—1 oz. JABnow Organic Orange Lemon drink mixer, 1 oz. water, 4-5 oz. light red wine (pinot noir, other), any/all combination of the following:

Spices such as crushed—peppercorn, cardamom pod, clove, star anise. Combine all in heat-proof wine or other glass and warm carefully in microwave.   You can put crushed spices in cheesecloth and hang in glass to keep crushed spices under control. Drop in a cinnamon stick. A splash of Kirsch (cherry brandy) is nice as well.  Garnish with cinnamon stick and orange twist. Makes 1 cocktail.

Nothing like hot, spiced wine at the holidays and bedtime.  It's a true treat for you and your guests.  Always use a wine you would drink on its own.  This is not a time to skimp on the quality of the wine.  To fortify this cocktail even more, you can add orange liqueur, or even vodka or gin.  Use what you like and enjoy.