JAB All Natural Cocktail Mixers

From home mixology to instant craft cocktails

JAB All Natural Cocktail Mixers are small batch, and made from real fruit juices, and each bottle makes the 8 freshest craft cocktails you can imagine. JAB, a bottle of liquor, and water are all you need to make an entire dinner party's worth of Palomas, Lemon Orange Highballs, or Caipirinhas. 

No more pairing dinner with supermarket wine or Jack and Cokes - serve your friends a craft cocktail they will never forget.

Become a cocktail guru with weekly step-by-step recipes

In addition to the dozens of cocktails you can easily make with our six delicious, all natural flavors, we provide you with dozens of recipes for each flavor.  Like our Facebook or Instagram pages for a new recipe each week.  Create one-of-a-kind cocktails like a Strawberry Lillet Crush or a New Brunswick.