Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail Recipes: How to Cocktail Like a Boss with JABnow Organic Cocktail Mixers

JABnow cocktail mixers make you a star at the bar.  They have no water added which makes them adaptable to, as you will see below, dozens of drink recipes, making you, your friends and so on cocktail masters without the effort. 

You no longer have to just offer beer and wine because you're too lazy, like us, to sweat over simple syrups, cutting up citrus fruits and juicing them and breaking that block of sugar that's been in your cabinet for the last 3 years.  We've done all the work for you.  Just JAB.  It's fresh juice, organic pure cane sugar, simple, delicious and super easy.  

Print out our cocktail recipes and let your friends make their own concoctions.  

Don't listen to us, we made them so you can adjust your water in each recipe to suit your own tastes.  

Easily add fresh strawberries to our margarita recipe for a strawberry margarita.  Make frozen cocktails by simply putting all in a blender with ice too.  Super and easy with Mexican food, fajitas and tacos.  No more chemical margarita mixes that taste said and sour!

Sherbet and ice cream can also be great additions to certain drinks, especially at holiday times.

Also see our blog for more fabulous drink recipes with food pairings.  Video "how to's" tools are there too.   

Gift Baskets

JABnow mixers help you create fabulous and unusual gift baskets too. You can print out our cocktail recipes and include them to offer your recipients new ideas on how to cocktail and mix delicious, new drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Margarita Recipes

Moscow Mule Recipe

Caipirinha Recipes

Cosmopolitan & Lemon Drop Martini Recipes

Apple Martini Recipe

Blue Hawaiian Recipe

Gimlet Recipe

Daiquiri Recipe

Mojito Recipe

Long Island Ice Tea Recipe 

Mai Tai Recipe 

Gin Fizz Recipe

Kamikaze Recipe

Hot Toddy Recipe

Hot Honey Lemon with Vodka Recipe

Amaretto Lemon Lime & Stone Sour Recipes 

Paloma Recipe 

Highball Recipes

Salty Dog Recipe

Bitter Salty Perro Recipe 

New Brunswick Recipe

Sunkiss Recipe

Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned & the Boston Sour Recipes 

Tom Collins Recipe

French 75 Recipe

Bahama Breeze Recipe

Blackjack Cocktail Recipe

Californication Recipe

Warm Cider and Rum Punch Recipe

Hot Spiced Wine Recipe

Non-Alcoholic Recipes

All of the cocktail recipes for alcoholic drinks can be made without alcohol easily enough by omitting the alcohol and adding more JABnow, water, sodas or tonic. 

You can make lemon/limeade and use any of the other JABnow mixes you love to create a refreshing non-alcoholic drink by 1 part JAB mixer to 3 parts water, stir, add ice and club soda (optional). 

JAB mixers travel incredibly well for picnics and parties, and make great hostess gifts and party mixers. The concentrated, organic mixers in small bottles make them easy to pack and travel with, creating craft cocktails on the spot, anywhere.  You can set up your own bar with organic, delicious bar mixers in an instant.