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Real Testimonials

"I have never been a very good mixologist so I stuck to wine and beer, but then I found JABnow! JAB paired with the alcohol of your choice and either club soda or ginger ale and I can make a better drink than most bartenders who muddle fruit. My favorite is bourbon with the orange/lemon mixer and club soda. The lemon/lime makes an amazing margarita too!" - Lisa Foydel

"We love JAB! It’s fast and convenient so we can mix fresh cocktails any time without having to squeeze our own citrus. All of the flavors work great with seltzer, too, so we can make great non-alcoholic drinks that aren’t too sweet. We always keep some JAB in the pantry for ourselves and we find it makes a great gift.” - Rick and Vicki K.

"WOW! That is all I can say. From an Old Fashioned, to a Margarita, to a Mint Julep, to a Moscow Mule - the fun is endless as well as the enjoyment. I can not say enough about the quality of these organic mixers. We enjoy on the boat, while camping, at home, friends backyards and at many dinner parties. Now we can enjoy locally when we go to restaurants on date night too!! Woo-hoo!" - Tanya Smith

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