Mixology Kits

Mixology Kits

Our organic cocktail mixer kits have all the flavors you need to get started with fresh cocktails at home.  They are great as party mixers because everyone can mix their own easily and quickly.  As non-alcoholic mixersyou can use your favorite craft spirits or make mocktails for the kids too.

See our recipes for easy margaritas, strawberry and other fruit margaritas, mojitos, Moscow mules, daiquiris and gimlets, old-fashioned, whiskey smash, rum cocktails and many other drinks.  No need to be a mixologist anymore.  JABnow makes cocktails easy. 

The starter kit includes one bottle each of bold lemon-lime, grapefruit lime and orange lemon mixers.  They'll make the freshest cocktails you, family and friends have ever tasted.

The mixologist kit doubles your fun and expands your parties with two bottles of each flavor of our mixers.  Our organic cocktail mixers make great, unique gifts too.

Our other two-bottle kits let you create and begin your mixology journey with your favorite flavors. Select a flavor based on your favorite spirits.

Each bottle can create 8-16 cocktails, depending on your tastes.  That's why we add no water.  You get to be the mixologist and make yourself the perfect cocktail. Create your own cocktail menu for parties and gatherings and impress your family and friends without the work. JABnow is great for holidays, gatherings and every celebration.   

They can be mixed in combination with different liquors, each other, and water to make countless simple cocktails and craft cocktails too.