Thirsting for a Real Refreshing Drink this Summer--Enter the Easy, Delicious JABnow Mojito

With our watermelon mojito cocktail, you don't need to chop, strain or make any messes.  It's an easy, delicious and refreshing drink, and you can make pitchers quickly too.

Makes 4 cocktails

Watermelon Mojito

Fresh mint

Already cubed watermelon (large container about 8-12 oz.)

4 oz. JABnow organic lemon lime drink mixer

12 oz. water

8 oz. white rum


Place 3-4 cubes of the watermelon in each of 4 tall glasses with 3-4 sprigs of mint. Pick off any black seeds on the cubes before placing them in the glass. Muddle mint and watermelon.  Add ice to glasses.  Shake the rest of the ingredients with ice and pour into glasses.  Add straws if you like. Garnish with watermelon cubes on skewers and mint.

For a pitcher, just double everything in the recipe and make it in a pitcher.  Pour into glasses with ice.  Garnish



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