Oh how wonderful and refreshing a regular margarita is, but add peach flavoring and it is sublime.

Peach Margarita

1 oz. JABnow Lemon Lime Drink Mixer

2 oz. water

2 oz. Tequila Blanco (white tequila)

.5-1.0 oz. Peach Liqueur*

Splashes of Grenadine (optional)

Shake all ingredients except grenadine with ice.  Pour in margarita, hurricane or just a tall glass over ice.  If you have grenadine, you can put some in the bottom of the glass and then pour cocktail over it and the ice slowly and top off with grenadine too.  We garnished with orange and lime segments, plus cherries.  Very pretty and so delicious.  Make a lot of them in a pitcher.  Just multiply everything by 8 and add ice, stir.

Now, these margaritas sneak up on you because they are so delicious, so be careful, drink them on the patio while you are grilling or smoking your hearts out.  That's what we do!  Great with very unctuous smoked or grilled meats like ribeye steak, prime rib, a caribbean-style chicken and fish.




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