Our Strawberry Mojito Cocktails have delicious chunks of strawberries right in them and make them like a dessert!  You can put all the ingredients in a blender with ice and make them blended and frozen too.  Do not put the club soda i the blender; pour it over frozen cocktail and mix with a straw.

Strawberry Mojitos

Makes 2 Drinks

2 oz. JABnow Lemon Lime Organic Cocktail Mixer

6 oz. water

4 oz. rum

Fresh mint

Club Soda

6-8 fresh strawberries (2 for garnish)

Lime wheels for garnish

Muddle mint and 4-6 clean, cored strawberries in a shaker, add JABnow mixer, water, rum and ice.  Shake and pour in tall glasses over ice.  Leave room for a healthy splash of club soda. Garnish with lime wheels and strawberries.  Enjoy!

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