Spanish-Style Endive Boats with a Complementary Caipirinha Cocktail

The combination of this appetizer with the rum and lime based cocktail is a show stopper and both are so easy to make, especially when you use JABnow organic lemon lime cocktail mixer--just add booze!

Endive Boats


Chorizo sausage (cooked and slightly warm)

Sun dried tomatoes, chopped

Chopped walnuts

Manchego cheese (or goat cheese is good too; so is blue cheese)

Reduced balsamic vinegar (just microwave for a few minutes until thicker)

Fresh chives or basil, or both

Fresh pepper

Lay out endive lettuce leaves on appetizer plate.  Fill with the rest of the ingredients.  Top with balsamic vinegar, chives and/or basil, fresh pepper.  

Caipirinha Cocktail (pronounced kypeereenyah)

Two Cocktails

2 oz. JABnow organic lemon lime mixer

6 oz. water

4 oz. Cachaca rum (really makes a big difference)


Lime garnish

Shake all on ice.  Pour in old fashioned glasses over ice.  Garnish.  It's that easy!






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