Memorial Day Madness with Grillin', Chillin' and Cocktails

What's Memorial Day without a little grillin' and chillin' on the patio with friends and family and refreshing cocktails?

Here's some cocktail ideas for your Memorial Day and remember, you can always make our drinks in full pitchers for a crowd.

Margaritas are delicious and we'll tell you how to make them here, but a White Tropical Margarita is the bomb!

And don't miss Chris's easy BBQ ribs and orzo shrimp salad recipes below, too!  


White Tropical Margarita  (Makes 4 Cocktails)

4 oz. light or regular coconut milk

3 oz. white tequila

1 oz. each JABnow lemon lime and orange lemon mixers

4-6 oz. water, ice

Shake all and serve in champagne glasses with salt or sugar rims and citrus wheel garnishes.

Premium Margaritas  (Makes a Pitcher -- everyone gets one!)

1 bottle JABnow lemon lime mixer

3 JABnow bottles (24 oz. total) water

8 oz. tequila

2-4 oz. orange liqueur

Pour all in pitcher, stir with ice.  Serve. 

Bourbon Smashes  (Makes 4 Cocktails)

4 oz. JABnow orange lemon mixer

4 oz. water

8 oz. bourbon

Seltzer or club soda for topping.  Shake all with ice.  Serve over ice.  Top with soda.  Garnish with orange or lemon wheels.

Now for the Grillin'

Chris's Super Easy & Delicious Baby Back Ribs

Remove the silver skin on back of ribs (see techniques online if you haven't done before); rinse ribs and pat dry with paper towel.

If you don't have a rub, then rub ribs with the following spices and any others you like:

Kosher salt, garlic powder, onion powder, mild or hot chili powder, brown sugar, fresh cracked black pepper, a bit of cayenne (if you like more heat), dried herbs like tarragon, pinch of oregano, even coriander and cumin.

Place in a pan with sides (to catch grease and add liquid).  Sacrifice your favorite beer to pour in pan (not over ribs as you would wash off the spices).  I cover pan with foil and spray both pan and foil with vegetable shortening spray for easy clean up.

Cover with foil and roast in 250 degree oven for 3-3.5 hours until fork tender.  You don't want them to fall apart as you'll slather them with your favorite BBQ sauce and caramelize them on your grill for 3-5 minutes on each side.  They are tender, juicy and delicious, with a bit of smoke from the grill (we use real charcoal).

Prep Ahead:  Cook the ribs in oven the day before, then on the day of serving just brush on BBQ sauce, toss on grill to warm and caramelize.  Great for a crowd!

Chris's Yummmmy Shrimp & Orzo Cold Pasta Salad

This can be made the day before for an easy Memorial Day celebration

Feeds 8-10

2 C. orzo pasta, cooked according to directions, drained (add a little olive oil, salt and pepper and stir it up in it to keep orzo from sticking and to flavor pasta.)  Cool pasta

1/2 pound cooked, cleaned small shrimp

1/2 pound crumbled, herbed feta cheese

1/2 English cucumber chopped

white or red wine vinegar to taste (about 2 T.)

olive oil to taste (3-4 T.)

1 lemon, juiced (fresh is best!)

salt and pepper to taste

Just mix all up after pasta is cooled and taste before.  Remember you can always add more spices, oil, vinegar, etc., so taste along the way -- that's the fun part!

Refrigerate until you serve.  








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