We continue with our blue drinks theme and we must say that creating this Blue Adult Milkshake is the bomb!

We have a recipe for one shake below, but you'd better at least double up, whatever your blender can hold safely, because it's gonna go fast!

Blue Rum Milkshake, Adult Style

Blend 1 oz. of JABnow Organic Orange Lemon drink mixer, 2 oz. white rum, 1 oz. Blue Curacao, 1/3 C. milk, 4-5 large scoops of vanilla ice cream until blended and thick.  Pour into tall glass.  Garnish with whip cream and crunched up chocolate toffee bar bits and a cherry.  Insert a straw and don't even stop to take a breath!

This milkshake is so delicious that it can give you comfort after a hard day if you don't have a dog or a cat!

You could also try this with chocolate or butter pecan ice cream.  We're going to, so stay tuned.


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