Image:  Tim Nusog

 Makes 4 Cocktails

16-20 fresh rasberries

8 oz. white tequila

3 oz. orange liqueur

4 oz. JABnow organic lemon lime cocktail mixer

1 oz. Blue Curacao

Garnishes:  organe and lemon citrus peels; rasberries

Muddle fresh rasberries in shaker and place about 1T in bottom of each tall glass. Fill glasses gently with ice. Rinse shaker and shake tequila, orange liqueur, JABnow mixer and Blue Curacao with ice and gently pour about 1/4th of the mixer in each glass, garnish, add a straw and enjoy!

You can make a delicious Blue Hawaiian too.

Make the Tequila Sunrise with vodka instead of tequila for a Blue Martini (use all the other ingredients as well).  Pour it in a martini glass and garnish.  Shaking all ingredients on ice produces a bette martini.  


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