Corpse Reviver Cocktail

On November 1 we all need a Corpse Reviver cocktail!  The day after Halloween, we have to go back to work after a night of ghouls and screams and trick or treat, just to mention a few of the activities we all engage in.

The Corpse Reviver will not only relax you, but it's delicious, like an adult dessert--just what you need.

Corpse Reviver Cocktail Recipe

Makes 2 Drinks

2 oz. JABnow orange lemon organic drink mixer

4 oz. water

3 oz. gin (use vodka if you don't like gin)

2 oz. orange liqueur

2 oz. Lillet Blanc*

Shake all with ice.  Pour into martini glasses.  Garnish with orange twists and enjoy.  

What is Lillet Blanc?

Lillet Blanc is an aperitif wine, Lillet is made from Bourdeaux grapes along with macerated fruit liqueurs, which gives it a pleasantly fruity, but not overly sweet, character. While Lillet Blanc (the white version) is delicious on ice, with a twist of orange or lemon and a splash of soda, it's also a brilliant cocktail ingredient.

*If you don't have Lillet Blanc and need a Corpse Reviver cocktail right away, use some Moscato or other sweet white wine.  But then go to the store and get it for next time!


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