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Vodka is an incredibly versatile spirit.  Vodka comes from the translation of the Russian word for water, "voda."  It goes all the way back to the Middle Ages and refers to any white distilled spirit, generally from potatoes.

The spirit really caught on around 1917 when Russians began to migrate toward Europe, bringing vodka with them of course. We here in America didn't discover it until the second World War.  Over the years, it has also become produced from cereals and even grapes, and now has many different aromas from other infused products such as herbs, citrus and more.

Its versatility comes from the fact that it has little flavor on its own, so it can create hundreds of different cocktails ranging from the popular Bloody Mary, martinis, screwdrivers, and mules to replacing gin in drinks such as highballs, and other similar cocktails.  See our Yummy Recipes or Blog for more information.

Citrus flavors have long been very popular combinations with vodka.  JABnow organic cocktail mixers are the perfect vodka mixers for all the vodka drinks of your dreams.  Our lemon lime with vodka as a mixer is classic and fabulous.  Add a bit of club soda or ginger beer and you've got drinks to please yourself, friends and family.

Our Grapefruit Lime is incredible as a vodka mixer by itself or make a Paloma by adding club soda and you'll be amazed. 

Create a white sangria quickly with any flavor of our vodka mixers and Prosecco; add some vodka and WOW, you've got a party on your hands. Start pouring for everyone and you will be a star. 

Because vodka has little flavor to it, it makes great punches.  Just add some orange and/or lemon liqueur, our organic orange lemon vodka mixer, a few cups of vodka, some club soda or Prosecco in a punch bowl, float some citrus slices and you're done.  For holidays float some orange, lemon or lime sherbet and make it visually stunning and basically an adult dessert. Everyone's happy.

Our Vodka Mixers and Other Fruit

Ahh, the strawberry.  It pairs so well with our organic citrus-based mixers that we cannot say enough about it. 

Create a Very Berry cocktail by mixing an ounce of our organic lemon lime drink mixer and muddling 3-4 strawberries in your shaker, add a few ounces of vodka, and blood orange liqueur or shake a few orange bitters in with some ice. Strain while pouring into a martini glass.  You're going to have to make many more than one once your significant other and friends taste yours!

You now can see how versatile vodka and our organic mixers are to create vodka drinks.  Create, create, create.  There's no end to the flavors you can make.  More ideas include mango, pear and prickly pear.  Get out of our nine dots.  Don't worry about which of our clean, organic mixers you pair with vodka and other fruit flavors.  It will be great!

One More Thing -- Herbs

Don't forget herbs.  They really enhance vodka cocktails.  Our organic grapefruit lime drink mixer is fabulous when paired with vodka and a rosemary smash.  To smash an herb like a pro bartender, place it on one of your palms and smack it with the other palm; place it in the drink.  This brings out the essential oils from the herb.

Basil is great with lemon lime and vodka and thyme is great with our organic orange lemon and vodka.  These are just a few ideas for you to start with.  Other great herbs to experiment with are lavender, tarragon and dill (use dill with muddled cucumbers, our lemon lime mixer, and vodka) and you're a hit.

Vodka's Not Just a Spirit for Summer Cocktailing

Vodka is a warming spirit and great in the colder months.  Pair it with our orange lemon mixer and green apple liqueur for a drink more than a mother can love.  

If you want a warm cocktail, microwave some fresh apple cider in a coffee mug and add some vodka and an ounce of any of our mixers --  orange lemon makes it fabulous.  Bitters are great, too, from Angostura or orange, grapefruit and many more that are now on the market.  Shake some in any vodka cocktail.  It creates a depth of flavor and you're on your way to pro-bartending!





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