• "WOW! That is all I can say. From an Old Fashioned, to a Margarita, to a Mint Julep, to a Moscow Mule - the fun is endless as well as the enjoyment. I can not say enough about the quality of these organic mixers. We enjoy on the boat, while camping, at home, friends backyards and at many dinner parties. Now we can enjoy locally when we go to restaurants on date night too!! Woo-hoo! "
    - Tanya Smith
  • "Just Add Buzz Now for Just Add Booze Now, JUST GREAT! I really recommend to try this fantastic product!"
    - Pierpaolo Mangeruga
  • "Interesting mixer worked well."
    - Linda - Amazon Order
  • I have never been a very good mixologist so I stuck to wine and beer, but then I found JABnow! JAB paired with the alcohol of your choice and either club soda or ginger ale and I can make a better drink than most bartenders who muddle fruit. My favorite is bourbon with the orange/lemon mixer and club soda. The lemon/lime makes an amazing margarita too!
    - Lisa Foydel
  • "JABnow is delightfully natural and refreshing; an upscale mixer that is sure to add pizzazz to whatever your choice of liquor. My favorite cocktail is the JAB Margarita that was introduced to me by a friend. While nothing like a traditional Margarita, it is awesome. The JAB margarita is made with the Lemon-Lime JAB, Tequila and Grand Marnier. What's not to like, right? I find it a welcome change from the traditional version, delicious and sure to impress!"
    - Jan Nelson
  • "We love JAB! It’s fast and convenient so we can mix fresh cocktails any time without having to squeeze our own citrus. All of the flavors work great with seltzer, too, so we can make great non-alcoholic drinks that aren’t too sweet. We always keep some JAB in the pantry for ourselves and we find it makes a great gift.”
    - Rick and Vicki K.

Delicious COCKTAIL MIXERS FOR Easy Mixed Drinks in Under 30 seconds!


With the purchase of 2 bottles. While supplies last.

Our organic cocktail mixers will make you long for your patio.


Love Cocktails, Hate the Work?

JABnow started in a kitchen as a fun cocktailing experience for Chris and her husband Mike to enjoy with friends. The laughter and the life-changing experiences they had, along with just the raving enjoyment made them decide to share it with you.  No more work, just fun with friends and family.  Enjoy the patio and yard again. Throw a party with abandon. JABnow or Just Add Booze can now be enjoyed at home and away.  It's so portable, you can bring it with you camping, entertaining elsewhere, on any vacation wherever you want -- have a fabulous time.  Enjoy it in participating restaurants too. We cater to your cocktail needs and our commitment is to quality, fun, and a product that is just plain delicious and easy to use.

About JAB

Natural, Organic Ingredients. Gluten-Free, and an Amazing 45% Fresh Juice

We perfected our cocktail mixers so you don’t have to drink watery chemical mixers anymore. Dozens and dozens of craft cocktails are as easy as Just Add Booze. JAB is revolutionary in the cocktail mixer industry. Not only is it organic, but it has no water added to save you money and allow you to create your own customized drinks. It is also from fresh juice never concentrate that is reconstituted. You won’t find that with other mixers, but you will find that 45% fresh juice, unheard of in the industry, will make you an incredible cocktail. With JABnow you are certainly drinking the best! 

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